Cleveland Browns
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A Cleveland Browns Personal Seat License (Browns PSL) provides the PSL owner the right to purchase Cleveland Browns season tickets every year for a specific seat in FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH.

Benefits of Owning a Browns PSL:

Steps to Buy a Cleveland Browns PSL:

  1. Register your account at PSL Source.
  2. Browse our list of available Cleveland Browns PSLs to find your perfect seats.
  3. Negotiate a sales price with the PSL seller through our anonymous bidding process.
  4. Submit payment to PSL Source for the agreed upon sales price.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by PSL Source to complete the required PSL transfer documentation.
  6. Enjoy your new seats!

Browns & Stadium FAQs

My Cleveland Browns tickets were lost or damaged. How do I get replacement tickets?

Replacement tickets for lost or damaged tickets will be available only to the season ticket holder of record with the Cleveland Browns. There is a $5 processing fee per ticket. Call or stop by the Browns ticket office to get replacement tickets printed.

What is the Cleveland Browns transfer fee and when can a PSL be transferred?

The Cleveland Browns charge a transfer fee of $25 per PSL. Transfers will be processed between February 1 and May 1 in the Cleveland Browns ticket office. However, PSL Source processes transfers year-round.

How do I sell Cleveland Browns PSLs?

List your PSL with us. To see what others are selling for, check out our available inventory of Cleveland Browns PSLs.

How do I buy Cleveland Browns PSLs?

We have a large inventory of Cleveland Browns PSLs available at PSL Source. Check out our Cleveland Browns PSLs page for more details.

How do I sell Cleveland Browns tickets?

To sell your individual game Cleveland Browns tickets, please check out our Sell Cleveland Browns Tickets page.

How do I buy Cleveland Browns tickets?

To purchase single game Cleveland Browns tickets, please visit our ticket partner

Where Can I find more information on parking at Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium?

For more information on or to purchase single game or season long parking for the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium, please check out our Cleveland Browns Parking Page at PSL Source.