Frequently Asked Questions

When is the transfer period?

Transfer periods vary for each Team. For more information on specific transfer periods please see our Transfer Period information page.

How much is the transfer fee and who pays it?

The Buyer is responsible for paying the transfer fee in addition to the final negotiated sales price. Transfer fees vary per Team. For more information on a specific transfer fee please see our Transfer Period information page.

Will I get the Playoff tickets for my PSLs?

Unless otherwise noted in the listing details, the rights to purchase any potential home playoff tickets will be granted to the Buyer on all listings with accepted offers prior to November 1st. For offers accepted after November 1st, playoff rights may be available to the PSL Buyer, but are not guaranteed. 

What is the difference between a PSL, CSL, COA, SBL, and Seat Option?

PSL, CSL, COA, SBL, and Seat Option all mean the same thing; they are a Seat License for a NFL team's stadium.  PSL is the standard acronym and is used most all NFL teams.  PSL is short for either Permanent Seat License or Personal Seat License.  CSL stands for Charter Seat License, and is used solely by the Seattle Seahawks.  COA stands for Charter Ownership Agreement, and is used solely by the Cincinnati Bengals.  SBL stands for Stadium Builder's License, and is used by the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Dallas Cowboys use PSL and Seat Options interchangeably.

What is your return policy?

All sales with PSL Source are FINAL.

Can I buy seats in my company’s name?

Yes, PSLs may be company owned. An officer of the company needs to be designated as the account contact and documentation showing that officers affiliation with the company is generally required in order to transfer seats into or out of a company’s name.