Frequently Asked PSL Seller Questions

What is PSL Source’s commission?

Once you have negotiated a final sales price with a Buyer, PSL Source will facilitate the transfer of your seat licenses from start to finish. Our standard commission is 10% ($200 minimum) of the final PSL sales price. This will be deducted from your final PSL Payout.

How do I remove my listing from the website?

You can remove your listing from the website by following these four steps:

  1. Click the 'Selling Activity' tab, while logged into you account
  2. Locate your listing
  3. Click the "Unpublish" button in your listing preview
  4. Click "OK" when the pop-up notice asks if you are sure you want to unpublish the listing.

When you unpublish your listing, potential buyers will no longer be able to view your seats.  If you need to re-publish your listing, you may do so by clicking the 'Edit' button on the unpublished listing.  Please note, any re-published listing will be subject to the website's approval process before potential buyers can once again view the listing.

When is the transfer period?

Transfer periods vary for each Team. For more information on specific transfer periods please see our Transfer Period information page.

How much is the transfer fee and who pays it?

The Buyer is responsible for paying the transfer fee in addition to the final negotiated sales price. Transfer fees vary per Team. For more information on a specific transfer fee please see our Transfer Period information page.

Is there a listing fee for Sellers?

There are no fees to list your seats for sale on PSL Source.