Frequently Asked PSL Buyer Questions

What happens if my offer is accepted?

Once an offer is submittted, the Seller will have the option to accept, decline, or counter the offer.  An offer, or counter-offer, will expire if no action is taken within 72 hours of when it is placed.  The negotiation will continue until the original offer is accepted by the Seller or any subsequent counter-offer is accepted either Buyer or Seller.

Below are the steps that follow once an offer or counter-offer is accepted:

1. A PSL Source agent will contact both Buyer and Seller to verify account standing & secure contracts.
2. The full purchase amount will be secured from the Buyer.
3. PSL Source will request, or will assist in the request, of the necessary PSL transfer forms from the Team.
4. If the team transfer period is open, PSL Source will begin the execution of the transfer.
5. If the team transfer period is not open, PSL Source will hold the Buyer’s deposit in trust until the transfer period opens again.  At that time, the transfer will be executed.
6. Finally, the appropriate paperwork will be issued to the new owner, and funds will be released to the Seller


Will I get the Playoff tickets for my PSLs?

Unless otherwise noted in the listing details, the rights to purchase any potential home playoff tickets will be granted to the Buyer on all listings with accepted offers prior to November 1st. For offers accepted after November 1st, playoff rights may be available to the PSL Buyer, but are not guaranteed. 

Are parking rights included with PSLs?

A red "P" icon will be next to listing's that have parking passes available along with the PSLs. If a listing does not mention parking, then parking is not included.

PSL Source does have parking passes available for sale. For more information on stadium lots and prices, visit Buy NFL Parking Passes.

What is your return policy?

All sales with PSL Source are FINAL.

Can I buy the PSLs in both mine and my wife’s or business partners name?

PSLs may only be put in one name. 

Can I buy PSLs year-round, even if the transfer period is closed?

Yes, you can purchase PSLs year-round from PSL Source. If the transfer period is closed for the Team you are looking to own seats with, we will facilitate the handling of the tickets during the season, and faciliate the transfer during the next open transfer period.

What additional Buyer fees do you charge?

PSL Source charges no additional Buyer fees. The Buyer is responsible for the final negotiated sales price, the transfer fee due to the Team, and the team invoice cost of any available tickets (marked in the Ticket Availabilty section of the listing).