Dallas Cowboys PSL

A Dallas Cowboys PSL (Personal Seat License, also known as a Cowboys Seat Option) is required in order to purchase season tickets in all premium locations of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The PSL owner is provided the exclusive rights to purchase Cowboys season tickets in the same location every NFL season.

Benefits of Owning a Dallas Cowboys PSL

  • Exclusive rights to purchase season tickets for your seat or seats every season for face value.
  • Exclusive rights to purchase Cowboys playoff tickets for your seat or seats for face value.
  • Ability to resell your Cowboys single game or season tickets as well as your Cowboys Seat Options, potentially at a hefty profit.
  • Opportunity to purchase parking based on eligibility and availability.
  • Access to tickets to other events held at Cowboys Stadium before they go on sale to the general public.
  • Long term financing options available.

Cowboys Seat Option Financing

Much like a traditional home mortgage, the Cowboys offer financing for PSLs over a whopping 30 year period with a fixed interest rate of 8% annually. 25% of the purchase price is due in year 1 with the remaining 75% balance spread out evenly over the next 29 years with annual payments due every March 1st. For Cowboys Seat Options sold through PSL Source that are enrolled in the 30 year financing plan, the new owner will assume the remaining term of the financing agreement and will be responsible for making the annual payments at the same 8% interest rate. The total amount that the seller has already paid to the Cowboys (the 25% deposit plus any annual payments already made) will transfer to the PSL buyer as well. Cowboys Seat Options can be paid off or paid down at any time with no prepayment penalties.

Steps to Buy a Dallas Cowboys PSL

  • Step 1: Open your account with PSL Source.
  • Step 2: Find your seats from our available Cowboys PSL inventory.
  • Step 3: Negotiate with the PSL Seller by submitting an offer to buy.
  • Step 4: Once an offer is accepted - buyer and seller will agree to the final terms of the PSL and ticket sale, including the total amount already paid to the Cowboys for financed seats as well as the total outstanding PSL balance that the buyer will assume from the seller.
  • Step 5: Make payment to PSL Source for the agreed upon purchase price.
  • Step 6: Follow the instructions provided by PSL Source for finalizing the PSL transfer.
  • Step 7: Enjoy years of excitement watching the 'Boys in "The House That Jerry Built".

Dallas Cowboys FAQs

How do I sell Dallas Cowboys tickets?

To sell your individual game Dallas Cowboys tickets, please check out our Sell Season Tickets page.

How do I buy Dallas Cowboys tickets?

Single game Dallas Cowboys tickets can be purchased through our ticket partner MaximTickets.com

How much are Dallas Cowboys playoff tickets?

Dallas Cowboys playoff ticket prices are set by the league and are determined each year in November.

When are Dallas Cowboys season tickets delivered?

Dallas Cowboys season tickets are delivered every year in mid-July.

How do I buy Dallas Cowboys season tickets?

Fans can also buy Dallas Cowboys season tickets through our partner MaximTickets.com.

Where do I get a Dallas Cowboys PSL transfer form?

Currently, the Dallas Cowboys PSL transfer form is only available by request through the Cowboys ticket office. Call (817)892-4400 to request a Cowboys PSL transfer form.  We will, of course, assist with any transfers purchased via PSL Source.

Who pays the Dallas Cowboys PSL transfer fee?

Unless otherwise agreed to by the Seller, the Buyer shall be responsible for paying all applicable PSL Transfer Fees to the Team.  We encourage the Buyer to account for this cost, partially or in full, in your bid.  The Team-Levied License Transfer Fees can be viewed here.

When can Cowboys PSLs be transferred?

Cowboys Seat Options may be transferred year round.

When is payment due for my Dallas Cowboys playoff tickets?

The Dallas Cowboys send out playoff ticket invoices in November with payment due in early December.

When is payment due for my Dallas Cowboys season tickets?

The Dallas Cowboys send out season ticket invoices in March with payment due in early May.

How do I sell Dallas Cowboys season tickets?

To sell Dallas Cowboys season tickets, please check out our Sell Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets page.

How much is the Dallas Cowboys PSL transfer fee?

The Dallas Cowboys charge a $100 per seat PSL transfer fee.